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Uniworlds.org is an IT solution aimed at interconnecting institutions around the world, more specifically students.
Indeed following the simple observation that the practice was underexploited in the education system, we decided to place it at the heart of our solution!
Here is how it breaks down:

A platform 

 Developed by us, our solution allows, thanks to fun and innovative tools, to maximize the learning of a foreign language through online exchange. Visio conferencing, Chat or even interactive games, the platform offers its users an innovative approach in the service of learning.
Just log into the Uniworlds.org environment and the lesson can begin!

A network 

More than a learning platform, Uniworlds.org is also a network of institutions and students across several continents.
Bringing together various cultures and the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, institutions will have the opportunity to share common projects.

A support 

Our teams encourage collaboration between schools through the use of information and communication technologies by providing support throughout the collaboration.
Simplified training is provided to teachers in order to participate together in the facilitation of workshops during exchanges with foreign students.
The advantage of Uniworlds.org is its ease of use which aims to leave room only for discovery and the pleasure of learning.
The team provides 24-hour support to employees in this regard so that no blockages or questions remain.

Our interconnections


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Stimulation is the spearhead of learning, indeed in order to promote the endurance of students during their workshops, we have chosen to place Gamification as a motor.

In fact, there are currently different teaching methods in our schools.

The so-called masterful method which consists in exposing one's knowledge to the (passive) students like a presentation.

The active method, which conversely offers a learner mobilization process. In its learning program Uniworlds.org offers a specific framework that allows the learner to acquire knowledge that he can generalize later.

“We remember 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear, 80% of what we say, 90% of what we we say and do. ”
(Laurent Mucchielli, Sociologist)

The exchanges that students may have through Uniworlds.org will consolidate the theory seen in class by doing with other students around the world. Indeed, if we refer to the learning of the language of young children, they manage to acquire it through contact and not through hyper theorization.


Uniworlds.org offers two services, one for students and the other for teachers and institutions. We adapt our offers according to the establishments and their level of equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Who are we?

Uniworlds.org is already present in several countries with partner institutions, bringing together more than 300 students.
Based in Paris, the company is made up of profiles specializing in learning and new technologies.
The team has been working for two years now with the objective of promoting language learning by doing!  

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