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Uniworlds.org is an IT solution to interconnect educational institutions around the world, specifically their students.
Indeed following the simple observation that the practice was underexploited in the education system, we decided to place it at the heart of our solution!
Here is how it breaks down:

A platform 

 Developed by our experts, our solution allows, thanks to playful and innovative tools, to maximize the learning of a foreign language through online exchanges. Visio conferencing, Chat or even interactive games, the platform offers its users an innovative approach to learning.
Une simple connexion dans l’environnement Uniworlds.org et la l’enseignement peut commencer !

A network 

Plus qu’une plateforme d’apprentissage, Uniworlds.org est aussi un rĂ©seau d’établissements scolaire, de professeurs et d’Ă©lèves Ă  travers plusieurs continents.
Bringing together various cultures and languages most spoken in the world, schools and their teachers will have the opportunity to share common projects, to exchange on their own practices and to transmit their disciplinary knowledge.
While improving their language skills and oral fluency, students will discover new interests, take a fresh look at the world, and most importantly, build a network of contacts and friends.

A support 

Our teams encourage collaboration between schools and their language teachers through the use of information and communication technologies.
They monitor and provide the necessary support throughout the learning process.
Simplified training is given to teachers on the use of the tool and its various possibilities. The objective is to optimize their teaching and practice by leading workshops during exchanges with students and foreign correspondents or pairs.
The advantage of Uniworlds.org is its ease of use which leaves room only for discovery and the pleasure of learning.
In this sense, the team provides regular, constant and reactive support to the faculty.
In no way does Uniwords.org replace the teacher's work, on the contrary, our solution is there to optimize it.

Our interconnections


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"We retain 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear, 80% of what we say, 90% of what we say and do."
(Laurent Mucchielli, Sociologist)

Stimulation is the spearhead of learning, in order to encourage the attention and involvement of students during their workshops, we have chosen to place "Gamification" as the driving force behind our solution.
There are currently different pedagogies in our schools:

The so-called Magistral method which consists in transmitting knowledge to students who remain passive.

The Active method, which on the other hand proposes an approach to mobilize the learner. In its learning program Uniworlds.org offers a specific framework that allows the learner to acquire knowledge that he can later generalize.
This learning device will also allow the learner to acquire a better self-confidence and a greater ease in the oral practice of foreign languages.

The exchanges that the students will be able to have via Uniworlds.org will allow them to consolidate the theory seen in class through practice with other students around the world.
One of the major contributions of Uniworlds.org for each student is not only to gain access to a culture distinct from his or her own, but also to other ways of thinking about the world by giving access to different knowledge and reflective modalities.


Uniworlds.org offers two services, one for students and the other for middle and high schools and their language teachers. We adapt our offers according to the institutions and their level of equipment. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Who are we?

Uniworlds.org est dĂ©jĂ  prĂ©sent dans plusieurs pays avec des Ă©tablissements partenaires, regroupant ainsi un très grand nombre d’Ă©lèves.
Based in Paris, the company is composed of profiles specialized in learning and new technologies.
For two years now, the team has been mobilized with the objective of promoting language learning through practice.  

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